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Access control machine

  • Author:Proyu technology
  • Release on:2017-04-21
Access one machine is read card and controller combined of access control products, and has independent type of also has networking type of, and relative Yu reader and controller separation of networking access system, and its cost more low some, and but due to control part exposed, and security level slightly low, and often for some company only a access points of user, and medium and large of more door access system most will used reader and controller separation of networking access system, and to meet in the high-end access user stability and security Shang of needs. One machine often also with has keyboard set and LCD displayed, and can meet domestic part customer appearance Shang of needs, and but due to LCD is easy loss accessories, and its stability anti-interference sex, will than reader and controller separation of networking type access products imports products (except some Taiwan products outside) General are also is used reader and controller separation of mode. access system according to and computer communications of way is divided into independent type access system and networking type access system. Standalone access control system communication and computer access control permissions set on the machine\'s keyboard or master card on the line settings. Also some independent access machine is with LCD displayed of auxiliary keyboard, do card of authorized, State type access machine independent type access system of advantages: price compared cheap, without computer knowledge of decoration personnel are can installation. independent type access system applies Yu security level not high (anti-gentleman may wish to villain of occasions), cost budget is low, door number not more of occasions, without fast authorized and analysis access access records of occasions. Network access control system and communicates through a computer access card management software installed on your computer permission set and query access records. Computer without opening the system can also be run offline normal. Software can run permissions parameter settings can be monitored in real time and in and out of the door. You can count the attendance report