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Access to applications in various industries and fields

Proyu technology 2017-05-03 18:41:40
Intelligent building office office office, intelligent community access control, access control in government offices, medical hospital system, telecommunications base station and power supply substation ...

Access control in the intelligent building office office applications:
Install the access control on the company gate:
1) effectively prevent foreign salesmen from entering the company to disrupt the office order;
2) effectively prevent foreign miscellaneous casualties into the company, to ensure the safety of the company and employees.
3) show and improve the company's management level, improve corporate image.
4) effectively track whether employees leave their posts.
5) through the supporting attendance management software, time and attendance, no need to buy punch clock, attendance results more objective and fair, and the statistics are fast and accurate, greatly reducing the personnel department's work intensity and workload.
6) to effectively solve some of the staff left after the fear of having to change the door key to the problem.
7) convenient and flexible arrangements for any person on the door of the authority and time to open, just carry a card, without wearing a lot of heavy keys, and security is more reassuring than the key.
8) The installation of an access control system on the door of the company's leadership office ensures that the information and documents of the leadership office are not leaked by others and can lead a safer and quiet environment.
9) in the development of technical departments to install the access control system, you can protect the core technical information is not easy to steal outsiders come easy to steal. To prevent the staff of other departments to the development of the Department of posts affected the development work.
10) in the financial sector to install access control system, you can protect the safety of property, as well as the company's financial information security.          
11) in the production workshop door installation access control system, can effectively prevent the idle people into the production workshop, to avoid causing security risks.