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The best RF ID card Hotel lock Supplier in china

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-05-03

    Usually, a RFID Key Card Lock has a reader installed, which is connected to a third party system that is accepting (and storing) RFID related events and uses these events to trigger actions. In the security industry that system might be a building access control system. Check out featured RFID Key Card Locks from LockChoice, they are great for hotels, dormitories or other facilitis.


    To open the door, you also need the correct key, which is a RFID Key Card in this scenario. A number is stored on a RFID Key card. When a RFID key card is shown to the access control reader next to the door, a specific ID number is sent and validated by the system.

    An access control management system(software) that manages access credentials and authorizations.

    You can program and reprogram RFID Key cards to give them the different access credentials to different RFID Locks.

    if you are going to buy RFID key card locks from RF ID card Magnetic lock manufacturer and RF ID card Hotel lock Supplier.