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How to choose a safe high-end convenient smart door lock?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-22 10:11:36
  Currently on the market a wide range of door locks products, so that consumers are confused to know how to choose. The smart door locks as a future development of the direction of the lock, by the majority of consumers concerned about the good lock for you to solve unnecessary trouble and trouble. So what kind of smart door lock to protect the safety of home? Let us have a comprehensive understanding of how to choose smart door locks, so you at a glance. 
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  1, the overall appearance of shape and structure and experience feel
Intelligent door lock appearance and operation feel good or bad, will directly affect our experience and safety. So, we first look at its appearance is stylish? Panel material and workmanship? Re-touch the use of sensor panels and handles, feel the operation is smooth?
  To tyranny smart locks, for example, to simple, stylish design concept throughout the entire product, ultra-thin panel full of Korean trend, full sense of science and technology. Using high-quality 304 stainless steel and zinc alloy, strong and strong. Compared to the market on the use of plastic fabric smart door locks, tyranny smart door lock in the surface treatment is more superior and fine, tamper anti-drilling, anti-theft performance better.
  Handle exquisite workmanship, the use of excellent feel, after the lock, the handle will be in a free state (you can press the handle, but can not open the door), can effectively prevent the violence of the unlawful violence; go out on the handle can easily Locked.
  2, to understand and experience the use of function
There are many ways to unlock smart locks on the market, and the focus is on whether it can meet the daily needs. Is it easy to use? Are you familiar with the use of technology? If you can not meet these points, there will be more ways to unlock. , But the way to unlock can not be too single to avoid accidents. 

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Tyranny fingerprint lock set fingerprint, password, proximity card, mechanical key to unlock the way as a whole, mature technology, all users to meet the use of the environment. In terms of capacity, but also than the smart door on the market to be large, can accommodate 1000 fingerprints, 200 groups of passwords + card, fully meet the family or members of the daily use.
  3, fingerprint unlock
  Fingerprint is the most frequently used to unlock the way, its recognition speed, sensitivity and other direct impact on our daily use, it is worth our attention. Part of the technology is more old smart door locks, children, the elderly and other fingerprint lines are shallow, dry fingers sensitive sensor, and even can not sense, affect the daily use, so if there are children or the elderly, let them also experience it.
  Hercules using a new generation of FPC Sweden imported semiconductor live fingerprint reader, to achieve 360-degree recognition, faster only 0.1 seconds, the environment is also more adaptable, better adaptability to the fingers, suitable for different groups of people, Dry hand refers to the fingers, dirty fingers, especially for children, the elderly, fingerprint lines shallow, finger dry and other user recognition accuracy rate greatly improved.
  As a smart home system in the cutting-edge intelligent products, intelligent door lock powerful, widely used in the family, office and other civilian areas, and building materials home door industry, real estate project, bank hotels and other fields, intelligent products have been in-depth Life in all areas of the times trend, the company's products have a huge market and development prospects!
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