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Smart door into the homes of ordinary people need to consider the three elements

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-22 10:02:47
  In recent years, the concept of intelligent home rise and gradually into life, intelligent home to intelligent-based, mostly through networking to achieve its intelligent function, which has produced a network security issues. With the development of the concept of Internet of things, smart home in the Internet of Things is the rapid development of the times. 
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  However, before the popularity of the Internet of Things, there are still many problems to be solved, including privacy and security. Even now more well-known, high penetration rate of Nest thermostat, there are also security risks. And smart door locks (with cell phones or application-controlled locks) need to be considered in particular for security issues. Currently there are many smart door locks, but consumers still have concerns about this new product. It is also understandable that consumers need to make sure that the product is safe enough before enjoying the convenience of smart locks. In order to let the smart door into the homes of ordinary people, the following functions may be necessary.
  Safety is the primary factor
  The role of the door is to isolate the house outside the house, so consumers consider this product will first care about its safety performance. They will ask such a question: If hackers how to do the invasion? Mobile phone failure or software failure how to do? Therefore, the smart door lock looks the same as the ordinary lock, which can reduce some unnecessary worries. And in the case of mobile phone loss or software failure, it is best to like the traditional way, as a key for backup.

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  Looks very important
  The house is also the owner of the show, so the smart door is best in the appearance of personalized settings, so that users feel that the product and the overall style of the house match. Smart locks are also easy to install, at least not more complex than traditional locks; it is also easy to use, providing multi-user mode, taking into account the lower degree of technical acceptance of people, such as the elderly and foreign nannies.
  Function extension
  As a networking device, intelligent door locks can not only be a substitute for traditional door locks, and other products can be connected to expand its function, such as access to the situation to monitor and upload to the cloud, remote control. While enjoying these services, communication and data transmission must be securely encrypted. In addition, because the use of the door is very frequent, the battery must be used for a long time, it is best to have solar power, after all, who do not want to charge the door every two days.
  In addition, in order to truly reflect the different, intelligent door locks can also be considered into the pinhole camera, video recording and monitoring, if there is an automatic response system is better, to develop the door switch time is also a good choice.
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