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Choose the smart lock brand of eight tips

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-22 09:50:51
  Currently on the market of smart lock brand after another, dazzling, many people do not know which brand should be selected. Most of the smart locks have a fingerprint, password and emergency key to open the function, of course, the smart door lock is not the more the better, in the purchase of the time should generally focus on "security, stability, versatility and intelligence" The The following tyranny for us to list the selection of smart lock brand tips. 
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  1, stability: smart lock is one of the most important indicators, generally take more than a year before the actual use will slowly stabilize down, stereotypes. Consumers in the purchase of the best choice for the main production of smart lock manufacturers. Such enterprises generally have a better production experience. R & D experience is the best stabilizer.
  2, versatility: one of the important indicators, should be applied to most of the domestic security door, a good smart lock installation time should not be higher than 30 minutes. Otherwise the user is generally difficult to complete their own installation and maintenance. Versatile design is good, but also can effectively reduce the dealer inventory. 
  3, intelligence: is also a reference indicator, to increase, delete and other operations, it should be very simple, users do not remember too much password and code. High-performance smart lock also has a video display system, the user operation more convenient. 
  4, lock cylinder. Mechanical key cylinder is directly related to the door of the tamper and stability. This part is also very important, smart lock no matter how good, and ultimately can not be separated from the lock part. There is the strength of the smart lock manufacturers will choose high-end lock cylinder, so that the product quality will be able to be guaranteed. The most obvious, especially the consumer can look at the number of keys and the number of shallow foothills. Try to select the number of balls and the number of products in the depth of the file. 
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  5, for the lock style of choice, people have their own, this part of the bad conclusion. In general, look at the material and choose the appearance and color. Currently on the market of the lock material to stainless steel and zinc-based, but also aluminum, plastic. If it is home door must choose stainless steel or zinc alloy. Surface treatment is also very critical, and some products look luxurious and glamorous appearance, but users buy home after a period of time will find the handle or other frequent contact with the signs of fading. Such products in fact the surface treatment using paint rather than plating, is a fool of the user's embodiment, so consumers must be clear before buying these details of the problem, and in advance with the manufacturers agreed that if there is such a problem how to solve, Or spend thousands of dollars to buy back the fingerprint lock, with less than a year began to fade. 
  6, buy smart lock brand to choose a good customer service manufacturers, which is the focus of choice of smart locks. Only the quality of production manufacturers are guaranteed, it may allow users to use the peace of mind, only manufacturers after the sale of security, it may be a problem when someone can be resolved in a timely manner. Product is not bad, only the quality of manufacturers and after-sales protection in order to allow users to be assured. The following are the same as the "
  7, the current price on the market at different prices, there are high and low, ordinary type of smart lock between 1500-4000 yuan, villa type higher. In general, the need for consumers according to their own needs and purchasing power, comprehensive comparison of the product cost. The general principle is a penny.
  8, other fancy function is best not to. Basically not practical, more than one function may be a bad, the product is broken after the need to spend a maintenance costs.
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