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Compared with the password lock smart door locks can bring what unique experience?

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-11-02
With the continuous improvement of living standards, technology more and more developed, we are increasingly demanding the safety index of the lock (Guangzhou IC card company), people slowly evolved from the ancient door bolt into the current fingerprint password lock, face recognition lock. There is no doubt that the emergence of these locks has brought convenience to our lives. Recently, the smart door with the mobile Internet, smart phones and other technologies, product popularity, but also in the wave of intelligence came into being in the lock market intensified. Then a new generation of smart locks and fingerprints, face recognition lock where the difference between:

Compared with the password lock smart door locks can bring what unique experience?
No matter when and where can easily open the door lock
The next difference between a new generation of smart door locks (hotel locks suppliers china) and traditional smart locks is that it easily implements a remote door lock. Whether you are not at home, no matter where you lock can be safe to open. This is the traditional fingerprint lock, password lock, sensor lock can not be achieved.

Think you think, convenient and quick
A new generation of smart locks and the traditional fingerprint lock (fingerprint Time attendance distributor), password lock, mask lock is the biggest difference between the anti-theft lock function, but also increased the intelligent management functions. You have a lot of the original can not be achieved management can be handed over to the smart lock to complete: sell the house, you do not have to go to the scene, made a one-time use of the cloud key to the intermediary, things open things easy to solve. House rental, as long as the set of the deadline for the cloud to the rent of the people, the door will not open the door, the rent paid, re-issued the key, do not you rent rent.