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How does the smart lock work?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-09 09:55:04
  Now, along with the arrival of the smart era, our lives are constantly changing, more and more intelligent home products began to gradually replace the traditional home equipment into life, smart lock is one of the representative products. It can open the door without a key, can bring great convenience to people's lives, which set off a frenzy. So what do you know about the principle of smart locks? PROYU, Contactless card Hotel lock Supplier, provide outstanding intelligent locks.
How does the smart lock work
  Intelligent lock of the working system mainly by the intelligent monitor and electronic lock two components. The two are placed in different places, the intelligent monitor supplies the power needed by the electronic lock and receives the alarm information and status information it sends.
1, intelligent monitor basic principles
  Intelligent monitor mainly by the microcontroller, clock, keyboard, LCD display, memory, demodulator, line multiplexing and monitoring, A / D conversion, buzzer and other units. It can be completed with the electronic lock between the communication, intelligent analysis and communication line security monitoring and other functions. The intelligent monitor is always in the receiving state and receives the alarm information and status information from the electronic lock in a fixed format.
  Intelligent monitor, through the door lock management software and card issuing machine, you can in the management software will be the door lock information written to the card, and then set the card information can be set to the door lock, no connection. After the first series of a series of the initial set of procedures, made a good variety of open the door card can be opened within the scope of their own smart lock. 
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2, the basic principles of electronic locks
  Electronic lock is based on the microcontroller as the core, together with the corresponding hardware circuit to complete the password settings, storage, identification and display, drive the electromagnetic actuator and detect the drive current value, receive the sensor sent the alarm signal, send data and other functions. 
  If the password is correct, it will allow the operator to re-enter the password, if the password is correct, then the driver will not be able to enter the password, if the password is not correct, Input three times; if three times are not correct, then the microcontroller through the communication line to the intelligent monitor alarm. The microcontroller will each time the unlock operation and the current value of the electromagnetic actuator drive current as the status information sent to the intelligent monitor, while receiving the alarm from the sensor interface information is also sent to the intelligent monitor, which will serve as the basis for intelligent analysis.
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