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Smart lock cylinder and mechanical lock cylinder compared to who is more secure

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-06-08
  In the lock market, smart locks and mechanical locks are one of them. However, with the advent of smart home, today's people are more inclined to choose a smart lock to use. However, no matter what kind of lock, the lock cylinder can be said that the heart of the lock, on behalf of the highest security of home security. At present, the most common lock core, there are two kinds of intelligent lock cylinder and mechanical lock core, then the smart cylinder and mechanical lock cylinder compared to who is more safe?
PROYU, Stainless steel Magnetic lock manufacturer, provide outstanding intelligent locks.
At present, the market can be divided into the core:
Class A
  The key for the flat or crescent-shaped, single or double-sided with a row of concave groove or cross-shaped four-sided convex groove, technology to open more than 1 minute for the eligibility criteria. A-level lock cylinder is the old-fashioned lock cylinder, this type of thief with tin foil can be opened within a few seconds, has been unable to prevent the thief.
Class B
  Class B key is more complicated than the A-level key, the key for the flat or crescent-shaped, single or double-sided with two rows of concave spoon or cylindrical multi-point concave spoon, technology to open more than 5 minutes to prevent Shock on time of not less than 30 minutes for the eligibility criteria.
Super B
  Super B-class lock cylinder key for the flat type, key groove for the single or double-sided with two rows of concave plus S-shaped, or inside and outside the double snake-type internal milling structure. Is the most complex lock cylinder, is also the most secure cylinder. Tool open time in more than 270 minutes, or even can not open. 

  PROYU, Keyless door lock china, your security life creator.
  Under normal circumstances, the formal smart lock manufacturers are used by the cylinder are ultra-B-class cylinder, and meet the relevant standards. The mechanical lock as a result of more types, are generally used A-level or B-level lock cylinder, very few use of ultra-B-level cylinder. Therefore, the comparison between the two, the smart lock cylinder is more secure.
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