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Do not have to go out with the key, smart door gradually popular into the ordinary life

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-10-19
Smart door locks (Customized printing IC card company), probably ten years ago already have. But has been only used in some high-end residential applications. With the development of technology, the cost of a substantial decline, but also one after another into the ordinary home.

Home installed smart door locks (RF ID card IC card wholesales china), home just a finger press, the house opened, and bring us the convenience and comfort has been loved by everyone. The use of smart locks is more secure, more convenient and comfortable than using mechanical locks.

Function, the difference between the few, fingerprint unlock, password unlock, IC card unlock, the traditional key unlock, have become standard. But now the smart home era, more and more smart locks are equipped with mobile phone APP network function, to facilitate the control of anxious door locks, but also through the APP control the overall smart home, smart door locks.

In addition, to remind you friends, with a smart door lock (time attendance system china), be sure to mechanical keys, stored in your home near the reliable location to prepare for contingencies. Any electronic equipment, and then reliable, there is always the possibility of failure. In case the entire smart door lock fingerprint, password, IC card to open the door, are invalid. At least, you have one of the most traditional way: take the key to open the door, at least not to damage the lock. So do not be supporting the key, at home. You can put the office, you can also put their parents home, there is a good way: on their own open car.