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What is the difference between a fire lock and an ordinary door lock? Household door locks

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-10-20
What is the function of the fire lock? What is the difference between a fire lock  (Password access control company) and an ordinary door lock? Today, to explain to you about this knowledge.

The difference between fire lock and ordinary door lock
1, the fire door lock requirements can be more convenient to open the door, so there is no lock cylinder; ordinary door locks generally refers to the key with the door locks, and without the key bathroom door locks, under normal circumstances, fire lock (High security Attendance machine wholesales) ordinary lock Is not through the acceptance.

2, fire locks on both sides do not have a key can play (channel lock), the ordinary door if you press the button button to be opened, it can not be used as a fire lock.

3, ordinary door lock is not high temperature, high temperature may cause softening of the lock body, can not guarantee normal opening. Fire lock has a certain fire resistance limit.
Fire lock function

Solid structure, durable and reliable, able to effectively emergency evacuation personnel, do not lock do not have to open, you can also be free to access, 24 hours a day to provide security protection. Solid tongue to provide strong protection, can withstand strong pressure, fire long time.

Fire lock can also be used with other stainless steel handle and other security equipment, choose to connect two doors, access control, alarm controller, smoke detectors, magnetic locks, voice alarm, etc., to promote the pressure bar door, the alarm that ring until Artificially canceled. When the door lock is opened, the fire channel lock (access control system price) can be pushed out of the alarm, the channel lock is illegally opened, can give the access control system to provide the signal, and issued an alarm, and even according to the corresponding alarm button issued a corresponding alarm voice prompts.