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Smart door lock so convenient, you used it?

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-10-27
Intelligent door lock The so-called intelligent, mainly reflected in its function and operation of the process more humane and intelligent. And intelligent at this stage is also mainly reflected in the door lock has a networking function that can achieve remote control and remote monitoring, such as through the phone can remotely monitor the lock situation, remote switch door, etc., but also let the smart lock left by the Internet security Bring the hidden dangers. With the development of smart home concept, the definition and function of smart lock is also constantly enriched in the future smart lock will be a smart device with open interface, become part of the smart home market, there are other types of electronic locks , Such as face recognition door locks, pupil recognition door locks, remote control locks and so on.

Intelligent door locks use non-mechanical keys as a mature user identification ID technology, with convenience, high security advantages, in the government, banks, warehouses, schools and other public places are useless. Smart door locks can help users solve everyday problems in some of the following scenarios:

1, forget the key

Forget the key is really troublesome things, and smart locks can be controlled by the phone, eliminating a lot of trouble.

2, welcoming

Friends and family to visit, but they just do not get away from the body. Smart door locks can open the door for them.

3, received delivery

Sometimes express to reach their own but not at home, and sometimes can not find people to collect. The smart door lock after the owner of the prior authorization, even if no one at home, does not affect the courier to work properly.