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Smart door lock market huge blue sea for the elderly and children

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-10-26

Survey shows that China's smart door (Electronic Magnetic lock manufacturer) market penetration of less than 3%, the potential market is huge, intelligent door lock market is now a blue ocean. China has about 1.4 billion people, 400 million families, of which more than 70% of families are three or more families. Smart locks relative to the traditional door locks, more suitable for the elderly and children to use, to avoid the traditional loss of key and other acts. At present, the smart door B terminal market has become mature, C-side market is in the early stage of the outbreak of industrialization. With the smart home, the development of intelligent security, intelligent door locks in recent years, the rapid rise of traditional lock manufacturers, emerging start-up companies, security giants and communications, home appliance manufacturers have set foot in.

With the aging of the population and the release of the second child's fertility policy, the proportion of the population of the elderly and the children increased further, exceeding 37% by 2015. The smart door lock (rfid access control system) relative to the traditional door locks, more suitable for the elderly and children to use, to avoid the traditional loss of key and other acts.

In addition, by monitoring the alarm real-time security system: intelligent door locks (uhf rfid reader module price) and alarm, monitoring, access control and other security products with each other to share data, the formation of more three-dimensional, real-time security system. Large data, artificial intelligence technology to provide a more secure and efficient security measures: 4K camera and 4K monitoring system continues to develop, feature recognition and video intelligent analysis used in security systems to improve the security of the timeliness and security. Video image network scheduling and information resource sharing, from the passive prevention to the direction of early warning development: With the data resources in different security cloud sharing, security products will achieve active identification of dangerous molecules, security behavior from passive to active change.