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Data Collector Instruction of the temic hotel lock system

  • Author:Penny Pan
  • Release on:2017-03-14
Data Collector Instruction of the Temic hotel lock system

1.Install 4 pieces of AAA alkaline batteries, please remove the battery when not use for a long time.
2.Please issue one “Record Card” in the hotel lock software.
3.Please swipe “Record Card” on the door lock induction area, door lock blue light on.
4.Please turn on the data collector when the door lock blue light on, please put data collector head 3CM distance from door lock induction area.
5.Door lock and data collector will tweet at the same after finishing data collect, read time about 50 seconds.
6.In the hotel lock software, Report, click to export data.

Fot the TEMIC LOCK, connect the Collector to computer after finishing collection for downloading the records, after, turning it off.
Follow the below steps to fetch the records:
Click"REPORT" Select” Report of Open Door”Click"iPLOAD"Operate as the indication showed.

The other hotel lock system products include as below:
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3.Card encoder for hotel lock system with free software