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Hotel Locks Trouble Shooting

Sylvia Liu 2017-03-15 16:57:25
Question 1: I installed the hotel lock well, but found all the locks are open and can not be locked. When I swipe card, the lock doesn’t have any reaction. Why?Is your lock broken in itself? You have to give me an explanation.

Answer 1: Thanks for your question.
Don't be anxious and angry, please. Be calm down. Please allow me to explain to you carefully.
In our industry, anyone can open the lock by default. This is to avoid the door being locked without corresponding keys while installing.
First you set up system card and guest card in the hotel lock software, and then swipe the system card for 3 times, issue corresponding guest card to open door, the related data will be written into door lock. After all the locks are done, you can open door by issued corresponding guest card . You can operate it according to the user manual. Hope it helpful for you.

Question 2: The lock is installed and the card is set up well. When I swipe card, the lock can not be opened, why?

Answer 2: Thanks for your question.
There are two possibilities.
1.Snap ring of the lock is loose or broken. When it is loose, clamp it. When it is broken, change it.
2.The triangle of lock cylinder is not horizontal. When it lies in the horizontal position, the door can be opened.
The following pictures are for your reference.

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