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What are the advantages of home smart locks compared to traditional door locks?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-13 14:26:28
  With the popularity of smart home, home smart door locks have begun to gradually replace the traditional door lock. The use of home smart locks can effectively make up for the traditional door lock is not safe, relatively low, with a large number of keys and other shortcomings, so as to meet people's requirements for smart home. So what is the advantage of home smart locks compared to traditional door locks? 
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  Home smart door locks compared to the traditional door locks, has the following advantages: 
  Home smart door locks are more secure than traditional door locks. Because the home smart door locks need to use the fingerprint or password to open the door, it is part of the collection at the door, and control part of the inside, so do not worry about being a thief's malicious damage. Moreover, fingerprint authentication with irreplaceable, can not copy and uniqueness of the characteristics, you can make home more secure.
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  Home smart door locks can store fingerprint and password information. The initial user can increase or delete the user information, when the user needs to increase entry for more people permission, only need to be the other side of the fingerprint or password information can be entered into the system.   Moreover, now a lot of smart locks also tamper alarm function, this feature can be in the lock body by external violence damage, immediately issued a warning sound, direct linkage alarm, effectively prevent thieves burglary.
  Home smart door locks strong anti-theft, because you can use a variety of ways to open the door. Fingerprints, fingerprints collection part of the door, the control part of the inside, so do not worry about the door lock will be malicious damage to the thief; induction card, the use of authority management, not easy to crack , And the corresponding card after the loss of the corresponding code can be removed from the authority, so even if the pickup card can not open the door; so diverse and unique way to unlock, do not have to worry about thieves can easily break into the room.
  The use of smart locks greatly enhance the love of fashion technology for young people to experience the life of smart home, do not have the key to open the door, you can solve the daily forgetting to bring the key, lost key and other troubles. Smart lock is not like the traditional lock, open the door of the tool must be a real key, smart lock unlock a variety of ways, passwords, fingerprints, mobile phones, etc., did not find the keys in the bag trouble, did not forget With the embarrassment of losing or losing the keys, just enter a string of passwords or press a fingerprint to easily open the door. 

Beautiful fashion
  Home smart door lock is different from the traditional lock design of the monotony, its design in line with the modern people to ensure the practicality of the product under the premise of the pursuit of beauty and fashion. And closely follow the trend of the times, the use of simple and smooth lines outline the lock body outline, fine surface treatment process with a variety of colors, so that the overall smart door looks beautiful, suitable for a variety of decoration style with.
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