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Smart lock into the public view of universal access to how long?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-14 10:19:49
  With the rapid development of the Internet era, smart home equipment has entered the tens of thousands of households, door locks as the first entry of family life. In the era of artificial intelligence, it has also experienced an iterative upgrade from a conventional mechanical lock to a smart lock with greater security performance. Smart door locks today is not just a way of life, it is a way of life. PROYU, fingerprint Time attendance distributor, provide outstanding intelligent locks.
  Consumers online booking hotel, do not need to check in front of the hotel, just at the door of the electronic lock on their own ID card to enter the booking room, the public security departments can also obtain real-time information, so as to improve the efficiency and security Sex. This scene is not a dream.
  In fact, with the economic and social development, mobile Internet, Internet of Things technology progress, in recent years, electronic locks in people's lives appear more and more frequently. Only need to open the mobile phone application sweep, you can automatically unlock and ride a bike, sharing the bicycle to bring people to travel convenience, but also let people feel the electronic lock is efficient and convenient.
  Some shared bike companies through the real name registration certification, the use of intelligent unlock, etc. to set the threshold of riding users, so that it can be used in the use of children under the age of 12 to eliminate the use of shared bicycles, to strengthen the management. Share cycling of the co-founder co-founder Zhang Biding said that since the beginning of March this year, ofo's smart electronic lock has been rolled out on a large scale, the current ofo new bike ride with electronic locks, ofo will also be directly on the mechanical lock car product upgrades.
  PROYU, time attendance system china, your security life creator.
  In the Beijing Huilongguan area of ​​Tencent public space, you can find, all the space within the office and function are used between the intelligent electronic lock. Space management will be assigned to different enterprises assigned to different two-dimensional code, these two-dimensional code is open the door of the electronic key; if different enterprises to apply for the use of public conference room, only need to initiate an application on the phone, the system will send a Two-dimensional code key for temporary use, beyond the length of time, the electronic key will be invalid. Space responsible person said that the use of electronic WeChat lock, greatly improving the management efficiency of the office format.
  Although the electronic lock has begun to enter the public's vision, but its current market share in the Chinese market is still very low. Data show that the current domestic civil lock market, intelligent electronic lock applications are mainly concentrated in high-end hotels, apartments and villas, the general family market share of less than 5%. This means that most of the domestic market is still controlled by traditional mechanical locks.
  See more farther, electronic lock intelligent, will also become a smart office, smart home, one of the main entrance. In the Asia-Pacific Association of Asia-Pacific president Magnus view, the current electronic lock and home links are not common, the future of intelligent electronic locks will play the role of intelligent interactive interface. Can control the family of air conditioning, lighting, alarm system, not only to make life more convenient, but also can reduce the use of energy for sustainable development to contribute.
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