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Which house is the fingerprint lock good?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-07-13 13:02:20
Fingerprint lock market is still in the "staking" stage, that is, the growth of relatively extensive, no matter how you blow, I believe we saw the ad, will only believe that the efficacy of the. So what kind of fingerprint lock is good intelligence?

1, locks and panels are at least metallic. System locks should be in accordance with national conditions, work should be in accordance with the basic law, such as those on the Internet to see those European and American smart lock small palm are covered, the lock body, lock tongue can have much? Can you carry it? Like those large plastic fingerprint locks, do you trust them to guard the door for you?

2, the use of intelligent security technology to mature. What WiFi unlock, online blowing sound like the lock, the feeling is cool to pull mad cock fried days black technology, can be safe? How to do invasion by network security? I do not unlock the more, the better, not the more fashionable, the more cock, but in a mature and secure on the basis of the use of the most intelligent, convenient overhead programs, such as fingerprints, passwords and so on.

3, the appearance should be durable. Some fingerprint lock fashion modeling exaggerated, at first glance, look for a long time I feel out of the ordinary, more comfortable, and easy to be open for new potential. The lock must be coordinated with the door and home decoration environment, and as far as possible, the lock with the environment should be selected. 

4, mechanical lock core must be more than B. According to state regulations, but also for emergencies need, the mainland sales of intelligent locks are retained mechanical lock, there is the possibility of technical unlocking, do not do not understand the purchase of a lock core.
5) OLCD menu shows the whole process, convenient registration, simple operation, strong human nature;
6) patent gear box type speed reduction clutch mechanism, with large thrust, long service life and good reliability;
7) anti peeping pseudo password input method;