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Is to buy an electric mortise lock, electromagnetic lock or electric lock?

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-08-03
What kind of lock should be made depends on what kind of door you are. Double open (inside can also open) glass door is best to use electric plug lock (electronic door lock system for hotels), the company's internal single open (only open or can only open outside), the door is best to use magnetic locks, magnetic locks, called electromagnetic locks. 

The magnetic lock body is arranged on the top of the door frame, some people will not feel not hidden installation, not beautiful, in foreign countries are so used, the use of foreign magnetic locks to excess electric locks (Finger access control Hotel lock Supplier), the stability of the magnetic lock is higher than that of the electric plug lock, but the safety of the electric plug lock to high. Electric lock is installed in the side door and lock with spherical mechanical lock, safety is much lower, and it is not convenient for wiring, but the price is cheaper, not recommended. 

It is better to buy magnetic locks and electric locks (Keyless door lock china), and the electric locks are more noisy. The general buildings are equipped with electrical control locks, and now there is a mute electronic control lock. However, no matter what the lock should pay attention to the rain, the lock is made of iron, is easy to rust, this should pay attention to. There are many other less popular lock, is not recommended, because of the limited scale of production, the application case is too small, the product is immature, it is best to use less.