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Intelligent electronic door locks should be paid attention to when buying and selling

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-08-02
As an emerging industry of smart home, electronic door locks are more and more inseparable from our life. However, the quality of products on the market is uneven, so today we will give you some suggestions to buy Electronic locks (uhf rfid reader module price). 

Safety and stability are of great importance. As a safety precaution product, door lock must be safe and stable. Safety can be measured in two ways: 

One is resistance to vandalism, mischief, and deliberate sabotage and sabotage. In this regard, the mechanical strength of mechanical locks and electronic locks can generally meet the requirements. But in all kinds of locks (best price Magnetic lock manufacturer), only the radio frequency card and electronic door lock are all closed structures, and the security is the best. 

Two is to guard against technical opening, mechanical lock of anti technology ability to open is very poor. Mechanical locks (best price Temic card company), regardless of that structure, can be opened by other means. Key can be copied, it is a great security risk. In the electronic lock, the key card is easy to be copied because it has no password restriction. IC card and radio frequency card completely solve the problem of preventing technology from opening.