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Fingerprint lock into life, for home security please a protector

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2018-01-05 14:22:10
"Home safety" has always been one of the most important topics of concern. In order to ensure the safety of home, human beings have made great efforts, and the "protection god" of home safety has undergone tremendous changes in thousands of years.
From the earliest to the latch, general iron door, to the application of anti-theft door, the door has become the people daily life the most basic just, is the most basic guarantee of safety Home Furnishing.(wholesale hotel door lock system)

I think a lock is safe, but although the quality and form of the lock are constantly improving, it is still impossible to stop the pervasive thieves. From the common card type, clip type, detachable to professional such as cat's eye open lock mode can be seen, the traditional lock can only guarantee a safe Home Furnishing environment, but cannot prevent thieves stealing behavior from the source.(Keyless door lock china)

As of now, the cases of burglaries and family property losses caused by unlocked entrance to the room have been innumerable. The problem of home safety has attracted international attention. Therefore, in order to further solve the pain of traditional mechanical locks in security, people never relaxed the research on the field of door locks.

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