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What should you pay attention to when selecting and using door locks, do you know?

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-10-10

1. Choose the brand door lock produced by the quality assurance manufacturer.
2, pay attention to buy and your door the same direction of the door lock.
3, pay attention to the width of the door frame of your home, and cannot be used for spherical lock handle lock on the door of less than 90CM. 

4, the installation of locks should pay special attention to, only with the insurance that side off, to install, do not bring the key to the end of the installation.
5, do not go to mechanical oil, if the key to problems, but the key to install some eye pencil core pin. Special reminder: users encounter the lock of the situation in life, the best pencil powder (graphite lubrication), and then insert the key the few can restore smooth as ever. But really put oil, it is best to put strong volatile oil, there is no residue.

6, if inadvertently house insurance clockwise 90 degrees, as well as permanent insurance, so only with a key began, only the insurance counterclockwise rotation of 90 degrees, can not only recover.
7, do not use wet cloth to wipe the lock and handle, rotate the lock tongue into the lock, closed and then let go, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the lock.