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Smart door locks should be chosen well

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-09-11
Smart locks (uhf rfid reader module price) must also have all the functions of the traditional mechanical lock, but both networking and biometric technology, so in the convenience, ease of use, system management and remote monitoring is much more powerful than traditional locks, is a composite of more sophisticated locks.

The way to unlock the lock mainly has 5 kinds, respectively is the password to unlock, unlock, unlock, fingerprint mobile phone App card and unlock the traditional key to unlock, most of the products also have a variety of ways to unlock, so the advantages of intelligent door lock is the largest independent key that can unlock, use very convenient.

Smart locks also joined the mobile phone connection function, through the mobile phone remote control anti-theft door lock by non normal state, when the accident sends notification and alarm, unlock permissions, access to the management of family family home and home state, more intelligent than traditional door lock (shenzhen Temic card company).

However, a more intelligent use experience will also cost much more than traditional mechanical locks. On the market, the introduction of intelligent locks(Electronic Magnetic lock manufacturer), prices are basically more than 1000 yuan, while some well-known brands of products more than 2000 yuan in price, it can be said to be very high.