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Smart lock manufacturers to share the fingerprints of the security shortcomings where?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-21 10:04:19
  Is your home fingerprint lock safe? Although now with the accelerated pace of intelligent home, people's lives more and more convenient and simple, but simple, convenient really means completely? However, people's lives become intelligent in the process of thinking about the safety and reliability of smart products is that we have to face the problem, especially in the fingerprint lock this industry. 
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  Fingerprint lock is now in an important position in family safety, its security is self-evident. And the ultimate goal of intelligent, can not be away from the security service must also be considered.
  Smart lock manufacturers to determine whether a set of fingerprint lock is a reliable key issue is to achieve intelligent electronic information after the confidentiality of the problem, network security, coupled with the original mechanical lock itself security issues.
  Where is the security shortcoming of the fingerprint lock? Here, we must first clear the two technical indicators: First, the anti-theft lock anti-destructive open, including the use of traditional tools, drilling, sawing; Second, anti-theft lock technical open, including mechanical lock heart open, Fingerprint password crack and so on. With these two indicators to analyze, we can quickly know where the smart car dealers security risks? There are tyranny below
  Smart lock manufacturers tell you.
  1, The fingerprint door lock structure of the anti-destructive open performance is poor
  Now most of the fingerprint lock is not fortified, that is basically no second lock design. So, a lot of locks never anti-drilling, no defense, no protection device, if the use of ordinary tools, hand drill a drill, lock heart immediately bad. This kind of lock with a small iron pry and other tools are easy to put the lock open or break open. This is a lot of problems encountered. 
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  2, the level of electronic information encryption and decryption problems
  The purpose of intelligent is to make people more secure and more convenient. And look at the current market, most of the products, due to do a high water products encryption system, from the cost to the technical requirements are high, so we all put the mind on the use of intelligent, as a hype selling point. Because intelligent security can not see, touched, and high cost is obvious.
  Often there is such a thing happen: open your smartphone, as long as a little crack, actually can see a few families of closed-circuit monitoring. The beginning of universal networking has put the home network security pushed to an important position, fingerprint lock first bear the brunt. When we want to lock the door as a smart home when the entrance, may wish to increase investment in the safety of the entrance to do a good job. 
  3, emergency lock heart anti-theft performance
  Most of the fingerprint door locks in order to emergency needs, the lock in the most inconspicuous position to install a lock heart, in order to reduce costs to improve competitiveness, outsourcing quality is very poor, anti-theft performance is very low lock heart, is the lock heart so nothing Unlock the experience of people can be very easy to open, safe and useless. Even more annoying is that when you want to enable emergency treatment can not find the location of the lock heart. Here to remind consumers, when you want to buy fingerprint lock, we must understand the lock heart of the anti-theft performance and quality, take seriously. Some smart door locks in order to avoid this problem, simply do not have emergency lock heart. This is terrible, and in the event of an emergency, the problem will be even more unthinkable.
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