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Home smart door lock can not open the door to do it?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-21 09:47:51
  With the trend of the smart home era, now more and more families are beginning to use the smart door locks and abandoned the traditional mechanical locks. Many users in the purchase of smart locks installed after use, you can directly open the door without a card. In the face of this phenomenon, making the surrounding smart locks are not very understanding of the neighbors are showing very surprised. Then the home smart door can not use the card to open the door? 
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  In fact, the smart door can not open the card can not open the door, the emergence of this phenomenon is mainly because the smart door locks have a lot of recognition methods, and the card is only one of them. Therefore, the home smart door can not open the door with a card, in fact, mainly because of the different ways to identify the smart door caused by the lock.
  Intelligent door lock recognition:
Credit card
  Card, smart lock is a more common way to open the door, and this card is your valid credentials into and out of the family.
  Smart door locks can use a specific combination of numbers to open the smart door. However, this approach requires a smart lock products have better anti-crack ability, that is, the security of the encryption system. 

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  Smart door locks by storing the face information in the lock chip, according to the user's individual characteristics to do security. In this case, when you need to open the door, as long as the face of the lens scanning home smart door lock can automatically open.
  Smart door locks can be identified by fingerprints. Through the computer chip will be the family members of the fingerprint information stored in the chip, so that as long as the touch screen with your fingers, the computer chip will automatically match the fingerprint information, compared to the success of the lock will be issued instructions.
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