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Small door locks, big security, common door locks, classification, application, inventory

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-08-31
Locks are small, but they are an important means of protecting family security. Each door, the effects of different people on the door lock (Guangzhou Temic card company) will have different requirements, so there is no longer a padlock lock and lock. Let me show you some common knowledge about door locks. 

There are four main types of locks for ordinary residents:
The first one is the user lock (High security IC card company), is a family gate, is a watershed outside the home, it must have a special function, is safe, so users also known as lock or lock anti-theft lock, when the choice should pay attention to anti-theft door and door distance not less than 80cm, otherwise you will be at the top of the anti-theft door lock the door and shut door anti-theft door. 
Second channel lock, it is a door handle and hit the bead, the door lock (Plastic IC card company china) is not the insurance function, suitable for kitchen, living room, dining hall, and among children. 

The third type of lock is a bathroom lock. It is locked inside and opened with a key outside the door. It is suitable for toilets or bathrooms.
The fourth type of lock is the bedroom lock, with insurance on it. It must be opened with a key. It is suitable for bedrooms and balcony doors.