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Put an end to locks, mistakes, locks, safety and convenience of purchase, can not be ignored

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-09-01 16:21:01
New house decoration or door lock fault, buy a good door lock (shenzhen Temic card company) has become the most annoying thing now, of course, some friends in the purchase of locks, often the first thought is whether the door and matching But have you considered the safety performance of the door lock? Door locks, anti-theft and unlocking convenience also need to be included in the purchase conditions. Here, it is recommended that you buy a door lock should consider the following principles: 

First, select the quality assurance manufacturers produce brand-name locks.

Two, pay attention to buy and your door open the same direction of the lock (Plastic IC card company china).

Three, pay attention to the width of the door frame of your home, ball type locks and lock the door can not be less than 90cm.

Four, the installation of door locks should pay special attention to: only the end of the insurance can be removed, you can install, do not take the key to the end of the demolition and installation, it is best to read the instructions carefully. 

Five, do not go to mechanical oil, if the keys are not flexible, can be the key to install some intraocular pencil core chip.

Six, if inadvertently house insurance clockwise 90 degrees that permanent insurance, this can only be opened by a key. Just turn the insurance counter 90 degrees counterclockwise to recover.

Seven, do not use wet cloth to wipe the lock and handle, to avoid rust.

Eight, close the best holding handle, a lock tongue into the lock (electric lock suppliers china), closed the door and then let go, don't bang the door, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the lock.