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Refusal to choose symptoms! Cost-effective fingerprint lock buying coup (2)

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-07-20 12:49:43
In Ho lux fingerprint lock ( Finger & ID card time attendance company) market price, have own factory, R & D department, product links after repeated testing, in the time of purchase can refer to more than three goods, not just look at the price, after all, the lock is good, on behalf of high security, is the first door to door home, a door is the most important, so be sure to choose a reliable business at the time of purchase, repeatedly testing products. 

Intelligence aspect 

For locks, the most direct way of checking is to unlock the lock (Password & ID card access control company). The unlock mode of the lock on the market, mostly with fingerprint unlock, password unlock, emergency key unlock, etc., however, there are some unique way to unlock: mobile remote APP control unlock. According to the mobile phone voice prompt, enter the password to control the unlock. This lock is similar to the bank phone system and has higher security. 

The most important function of fingerprint lock( Finger & ID card time attendance company ) is to guard against theft, however, some of the fingerprint lock also developed anti-theft function. Through the mobile phone number to bind (can bind 6 mobile phone number), the lock encountered violent destruction or lock behavior will automatically send a text message to the owner, the owner will be able to know the first time at home, for the first time the guardian of the family. 


Intelligent product is a big innovation in science and technology. Most users don't know where to install, how to use, and how to maintain it. They don't know where to start and how well the lock fits. Then, this requires manufacturers to use standard international locks, which can meet most of the lock requirements. For their own, easy to install, it is kingly way, bought a not applicable, and then cheap, but also waste. Moreover, it is to see the after-sales service of the product, and choose a good after-sales service manufacturer, which is more than a safety guarantee.