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Hotel Lock

  • Author:Bridge Tang
  • Release on:2017-03-09
Hotel Lock
  1. Contact IC card hotel lock
  2. RFID hotel door lock (including: EM card lock;  Temic card lock;   Mifare® 1 card lock)

Differences of RFID hotel door lock:
  • EM card lock (use standalone)
  • Temic card lock  (use with USB card encoder)
    Mifare® 1 card lock (use with USB card encoder)
Memo: our hotel locks (PCB boards and encode) only recognize ourselves encryption card.

Temic card lock VS Mifare® 1 card lock
A:  PCB and Cards
  Mifare® hotel lock----- mifare cards, 13.56Mhz.
    Temic hotel lock----- temic   cards, 125Khz.

B:  Mifare® can be ussed to “one-card” pass, while     Temic can not.

C:  Data gather 
   Mifare® hotel lock----- mifare 4K S70 card (        USD8/pcs).
     Temic hotel lock----- data gather ( USD80/pcs).

Photo showing: