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Hotel lock on the promotion of hotel image

Hotel lock on the promotion of hotel image 
Hotel lock and electronic lock part of the series of products, it has a different demand on household and household electronic lock, electronic lock are required to open the door for ways to open the door open and convenient; coexist, hotel electronic lock is single or small open mode choice, which is conducive to the realization of management. The hotel lock has developed from the original mechanical lock to the current electronic door lock, and then combined by the electronic door lock and the hotel management, forming the hotel system network, developing rapidly, especially the emergence of the electronic door lock, and developing more rapidly. 

Nowadays, there are various electronic locks in the market, but the quality of them is very large. Most hotels will write requests on tender documents when bidding, but Chinese people take the cheap price as the main consideration. Some OEM manufacturers have successfully won the bid at a low price, but the electronic locks provided will often have such problems. Even if the same batch is locked, it is difficult to guarantee the unified quality. There is a customer service service is not in place, because these manufacturers do not have a professional team, can not solve the problems often use "drag" word to solve, can certainly require manufacturers to change new lock to re install, but if you are a guest in the hotel that they will have problems. Confidence again? Will the brand of the hotel be better? Therefore, the tenders of the Chinese people are often from the point of view of their own hotels, forgetting the guests' confidence in the hotel and the reputation of the hotel. Shenzhen Bono Yu technology research and development, production, sales as one of the system, to provide high quality products and excellent customer service for customer service, at present the country offices are, can provide timely services to the fastest speed for customers in different regions, maintain your hotel brand image!