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What are the basic functions of the hotel lock?

2018-01-23 12:35:23
The basic function of the hotel lock itself mainly includes the security, stability, whole service life and hotel management function of the door lock. 
1. stability: stability of mechanical structure, especially the mechanical lock core structure and clutch structure; stability of the motor working state, mainly to investigate whether using a special motor lock circuit; stability and anti-jamming, mainly inspects whether protection circuit design. 

2., safety: users should inspect from the structural design of hotel locks. Because the safety of door lock is not safe, the design of its mechanical structure plays a key role, especially the technology of lock core and clutch motor is the most important. 

3. overall service life: the service life design of the hotel intelligent door lock is the necessary condition for the hotel to pursue the long-term economic benefit. Some hotels install door lock, the surface with less than a year on a large area of fade or rust, lock the "self destruct", a serious impact on the overall image of the hotel to the hotel, often caused a lot of maintenance costs, reduce the hotel operation efficiency, serious will cause huge economic losses for the hotel. Therefore, it is very important for users to choose a hotel electronic lock with a long life span. 

4., hotel management function: for hotels, guest room management should conform to the standard management of hotels. The management function of door locks should not only facilitate guests, but also improve the overall management level of hotels.
5. card function: extended lock, telephone, closed-circuit television, attendance fees, meals, entertainment, consumption, parking and a number of management functions with a smart card, mainly to provide solution for the implementation of the hotel card.