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Hotel smart door lock manufacturers into the era of intelligent lock the protagonist

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-06-30
  Hotel smart door lock manufacturers understand that with the social, technological and cultural progress, the safety of mechanical locks have become increasingly unable to meet the needs of the people, this time smart lock came into being. It is more than the traditional mechanical lock safety, more advantages. Intelligent lock as a new generation of identification technology advantages more and more obvious, will gradually replace the mechanical lock into a new role in the lock industry. 
  PROYU, China Magnetic lock manufacturer, provide outstanding intelligent locks.
  China's rapid economic development in recent years, but also quickly led the hotel industry and other industries, the rapid development of the huge market potential to attract countless businesses berserk market, which will be like smart door lock smart home brand, with Real entity production capacity, but also invested a huge R & D costs, a number of national patent technology; has a strict quality control agencies, and solid raw materials procurement channels. They focus on quality, emphasizing the long-term use of product performance and life, focus on product quality service system construction.
  In the current popularity of intelligent, mechanical lock a single function more and more can not meet the needs of the people, and this time smart door came into being. It is more than the traditional mechanical lock security, there are more features, more advantages. 
  PROYU, Office/ home dynamic password lock factory, your security life creator.
  Intelligent electronic locks (including password lock, proximity card lock, fingerprint lock, vein lock, etc.) as a new generation of identification technology advantages become more and more obvious.
  The development of science and technology is always accompanied by the emergence and settlement of the problem brewing new technological achievements, such as smart home, smart city, wisdom Habitat, Internet of things and a series of concepts put forward, boosted people in modern smart home security Construction, to address the first intelligent security "door lock" of the traditional security issues, and then intelligent fingerprint lock homeopathy and students.
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