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Fingerprint lock maintenance, how much do you know?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-30 09:53:49
  With the rapid development of intelligent home industry, fingerprint lock has gradually been accepted by everyone, and widely used in various households. Moreover, the door lock is the first line of security at home, is the primary guarantee of family safety, in order to enhance the fingerprint lock anti-theft function, not only to buy a lock, and daily maintenance is also very important. Then the maintenance of fingerprint lock, how much do you know? 
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  Fingerprint lock maintenance:
  1, most of the friends in the open door, the force will always push the door to the door frame, so that it is between the door to the most intimate hug, but this is not the lock you want. After we open the door, we should rotate the handle, so that the door of the tongue indentation, and then the door frame after the combination, and then release the hand, do not force the door, otherwise it will reduce the life of the door lock.
  2, the fingerprint lock for a long time, brush the edge of the collection of fingerprints may be wet or stained with dirt, gently wipe with a dry soft cloth. Note that the dry soft cloth, one is dry to avoid moisture; the second is a soft cloth, can not use hard like iron shavings like rub, or scratched.
  3, fingerprint lock handle do not hang things. Handle is a key part of the lock, there are habits in the door lock hanging things small partners, it is best to get rid of this habit, even if the hanging time is not long, the number of times will make the handle does not listen to the call
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  4, the fingerprint lock battery power shortage when the ground to replace. For example, when the fingerprint module power shortage, we can use the password to unlock. Even so we have to replace the new battery in time, after all, fingerprints or more convenient than the password. 
  5, the fingerprint lock is also a mechanical keyhole, the use of mechanical keys do not feel smooth, do not add lubricating oil. Do not have a mechanical key to open the door for a long time, there may be locked key lock plug. At this time in the lock tank groove into a little graphite powder or pencil powder to ensure that the key normally open the door. But the oil can not be added, because the oil is easy to sticky ash, after the lock will easily accumulate dust in the eyes, and the formation of oil putty, which makes the door lock more prone to failure.
  6, do not let the fingerprints and corrosive material contact. Although the safety of the lock is the first point, but the ornamental is also very important, after all, this is the first place to contact your guests. So do not let the lock surface and corrosive material contact Oh, that will damage the lock surface protection layer, affecting the gloss of the surface or cause the surface coating oxidation.
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