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How to choose an intelligent lock with high security and super quality?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-12-05 18:53:33
Whether you are just using a smart lock or considering the need to replace a new smart lock, you want to choose an intelligent lock with Gao Anfang performance and quality. Therefore, when we choose and purchase, we must examine the standards below the intelligent lock:

1. There is no full defense design

As a high-tech product of lock security, intelligent lock can not only protect family property, but also allow family members to use the rest assured. Especially in today's society, some of the problems of contradiction still exist, and the design of intelligent lock with full defense style is very important. (Keyless door lock china)

2. Do you have a lock on the door
In our daily life, we often forget to lock up in our daily life, especially the disadvantaged groups, such as the elderly or children, will forget to lock them, which will leave behind a hidden danger of burglary with the end. When choosing an intelligent lock, it is necessary to know whether the fingerprint lock has the function of closing the door or locking the door. (wholesale hotel door lock system)

3. There is no perfect after-sales service

According to the observation of professionals in the industry, the network of sales and service points of the current intelligent lock manufacturers is generally not large, even without after-sales service points, and the commitment of after-sales service is nominal.

4. Is there any authorised project approval

Before intelligent lock is generally used for high level of high level of security and safety, civil use has been developed in recent years. Reliable smart lock brands are generally used in some state authority.

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