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What life scenes can be realized by intelligent door locks?

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-12-06
Scene 1: like going out without a wallet, the key should be "retired"
The intelligent door lock is different from the traditional door lock, and it is first displayed in the way of unlocking. Most of the smart door locks on the market can automatically set up a variety of lock modes. Besides the traditional keys, they can also use passwords, fingerprints, smart 
sensors, swipe cards and other ways to unlock.(electric lock suppliers china)

Scene 2: take the express, buy the dishes, no need to open the door
Without the use of the traditional key, it is only a piece of cake for intelligent door locks, and intelligent door locks can also effectively solve many of the pain points of life.

Scene 3: the old man's child goes home in time and knows long distance.
Another practical function of intelligent door locks is remote control, especially for families with older children. (uhf rfid reader module price)

Scene 4: renting houses, visiting friends and relatives, housekeeping services, safe and convenient
The intelligent door lock can set the way of the password unlocking, and the effective time of the exact password. For example, a short rented house can be set up by a cell phone and shared by a tenant.

Scene 5: there is an abnormal situation at the door, and the alarm is made in time
For security considerations, the general intelligent door locks will bring their own alarm system.

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