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How to choose electronic lock?

  • Author:l
  • Release on:2017-11-17
  1. Remember the professors home from you in the stars? Although thousands of Yi Yi break all antiques, but his home layout is modern. Just say the door of the professor - electronic locks(electric lock suppliers china), video visible, in the modern home anti-theft means is also advanced. In fact, the market is also a variety of electronic locks, different functions, there are differences in security, the purchase of the need to pay more attention. 

First, choose the right door lock according to the environment. Where is the door lock we chose? Is it in the hotel, the unit, the office building or the family? Due to the different use of environment, there are different functions focus. Hotel use, guest room management should be consistent with the hotel standard, as the hotel electronic door lock(electronic door lock system for hotels) is necessary to have the function: for all the key card, it is necessary to have the function of time constraint, lock has open door record function, hierarchical management function. 

the electronic lock should pay attention to its safety and stability. Locks (mechanical and intelligent) are safety and stability as safety precaution products. Safety can be measured from two aspects: one is to prevent trick and deliberately pry, drill and other violent practices. In the mechanical lock and electronic lock, as long as the RF card electronic door lock(rfid access control system) is fully enclosed layout, its security is also the best. Two is to prevent skills open, mechanical lock skills, open ability is very poor. No matter what kind of layout, the mechanical lock can be opened by other methods. Keys can be copied, there will be great security risks. In the electronic lock, the key card is easy to be imitated because of no password restriction. IC card and radio frequency card completely solved the doubt of preparedness skills.