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The future: or the first carrying AI into the family

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-11-20
Now the smart lock brand packaging and publicity is overwhelming, look at the stars to have the endorsement of the experience, the concept of intelligent security monitoring system is still in the initial alarm and, because the original cost and the angle is not detailed enough, there has been no breakthrough. Smart lock( Keyless door lock china ) seems to be able to become a dark horse, so that the market is concerned about intelligent security.

"Home camera and smart lock" is currently the industry's two points with the outbreak of the product, the industry is looking forward to these two categories can be a breakthrough. "Smart home research association secretary general Lin Fengchang said, but at present the two have not yet appeared in the explosive growth. Compared with smart cameras, smart locks have less invasion of personal privacy, and the concept is easier to be accepted. He also explained that the smart lock also has a clear trajectory, from electronic locks, fingerprint lock is also the market education, so that consumers gradually accepted the concept of intelligent lock. Although the smart lock and the original electronic, fingerprint lock( Password & ID card access control company ) is completely different, but consumers will not produce barriers.

"Today, the concept of robots, AI popularity is also very fast, these are smart lock rapid development of power." The security implications of the lock itself, together with the current cloud data and AI development, there is still a lot of room for innovation in the future of smart locks, and even some people predict that it will become the first to enter the family with AI products. Now we call "smart lock, no longer include electronic lock, fingerprint lock, it is really involved in the intelligent system, with cloud data products, it is also the core competition in the future, who can be more accurate data, more comprehensive security protection, who will win the market."

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