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Do you need to install an intelligent door lock at home?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-12 10:55:23
  Now, most people live in places, are the door to the district, the unit door with access control. Better point, surrounded by the camera, the district there are security from time to time in the patrol. Its security, it should not be too bad to say. PROYU, Office/ home dynamic password lock factory, provide outstanding intelligent locks. 
  However, with the advent of smart home, fingerprint lock is safe and convenient to be more and more users experience and word of mouth, then the home must be installed smart door lock?
  Considering whether you need to install an intelligent door lock at home, you can recall whether the following scenario often occurs:
  1, go out to forget the key, home had to find unlock master for help.
  2, the key lost, there is no spare key, only for the lock.
  3, the key was gone, suspected key inserted in the door forget to pull down, always worry about when the thief to patronize.
  4, temporary out of a garbage without a key, the wind put the door closed.
  5, home elderly people often forget to close the door, the child is too small, may be inattentive will run out of danger in the stairs.
  6, there are bad habits of the keys, easy to get someone else to copy.
  7, the district often households were thieves steal lock theft. 
  PROYU, RF ID card IC card company, your security life creator.
  If you often encounter the above scene, you may wish to consider the installation of fingerprint lock, because the smart door lock compared to traditional mechanical locks, password lock, the biggest advantage is not to have a key without a password, you can open the door, and everyone's fingerprints are Unique, safe and convenient. 
  Moreover, the smart door lock security and portability, you can make their own children can easily open the door, with the fingers to open the door so that the key completely laid off.
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