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What is a smart lock?

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-06-12
  Today, smart home in our lives in the application of more and more widely. And smart locks as a smart home products in one of the representative, is widely used by people to welcome a product, it can provide people with portable, tall experience experience. So what is the smart lock?
What is a smart lock? PROYU, Contactless card Hotel lock Supplier, provide outstanding intelligent locks. 
 Smart lock, in fact, is a composite lock, it is compared to the security, convenience, especially in the user identification, security, management more intelligent. Smart lock is the access control system in the lock door of the implementation of components, it appears, you can see in the science fiction film without a key can open the door, brush face, brush the fingerprint to the door of the scene, become a reality scene.
How to use smart lock?
  Smart lock to buy home, after installation, is the need to set, generally need to enter the fingerprint inside the smart lock, this smart lock can identify the application. New lock settings are not difficult, as long as attention to some small details, you can easily enter the fingerprint. For example, in the fingerprint collection, the fingers should be wiped clean, be sure to check whether there is a foreign body on the finger, otherwise, the fingerprint will read the foreign body will also be identified, this will affect the future use. PROYU, wholesale hotel door lock system, your security life creator.
  Moreover, the entire operation of the fingerprint lock voice voice prompts, put aside the instructions, easy to operate. Set the smart lock later, only need to rely on fingerprints or passwords can enter the door, and very easy to use. 
  The use of smart locks can provide people with great convenience, not only to solve the key to the human bound, to avoid carrying the key, leaving the key, no key to bring all kinds of trouble. Moreover, in terms of safety, compared to the traditional mechanical door locks, but also higher, can effectively guarantee the safety of housing.
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