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My Thinking From The Death of Yao Bei Na

  • Author:Lancy He
  • Release on:2015-01-20
  16th of January, it is a sad day to fans of Yao Bei Na. Because of the breast cancer, Yao Bei Na----a famous singer in China, has died in that day. 


  This news also makes me feel sad. And at this time, I have realize how important our healthy body is. As an old saying goes in china: "When there is healthy, there is everything", you can do nothing if you lose healthy.

  How to keep healthy? In my opinion, first, you need to have a good habit. Second, you should be happy everyday! However, if your living place is not safety, how can you happy everyday? If you have problem like this, don't worry, let we help you!

  Firstly, you need to install an access control systems. If you install this, you don't need to worry about the safety of your home when you forget to take your keys. And then you will need to install an video door phone system in your house. If someone visit you, you can know exactly who is it. At last, you can install a good GSM alarm system, if you install it, you needn't to worry about your property even if you are in other country! How safety your living place is it! 


  Although Mrs. Yao Bei Na went to the heaven, her fans will never forget her forever. And for us, we also need to pay more attention on our healthy, and live safety! Wish everyone of us can have a healthy and happy life!