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Some Solutions For Using Access Control System

Gino Zhang www.smart-home-security.cn 2015-01-21 19:04:17
  Maybe you will meet some questions when you are using an access control system, here are some solutions for you:

Power indicator does not light?

1. No power or insufficient voltage
Check the main power circuit protection
2. The reader may be faulty wiring short circuit, overcurrent

protection controller is in state?

1. Make sure that the external power supply input power to the controller board in good contact.
2. Measure the supply voltage between 220AC ± 10℅ ensure that the power supply voltage.
3. Unplug reader terminals, see the indicator is normal.

Credit card, which the reader LED lights do not flash or buzzer does not sound?

1. Reader connection is bad
Confirm reader contact terminals within the controller was good, good reader connected junction box
2. Reader insufficient supply voltage

Reader reading distance is too short ?

1. In the vicinity of the reader has a strong electromagnetic interference field
Strong electromagnetic fields for a reader installation location or removal issue
2. Reader cable is not shielded or near the electromagnetic field
3. reader mounted on a metal surface

Use shielded cable to ensure that the reader cables and power cables are not laid in parallel ?

1. The reader is installed on non-metallic surfaces;
2. The installation of auxiliary base;
3. The switch may be mounted on the metal surface of the card reader;

When energized, the reader constantly emit BEEP sound?

1. Cables between the controller and the reader is not connected properly.
2. The power line virtual connection