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Operational Guidelines of M-2000 Card reader for ATM access

  • Author:Sylvia Liu
  • Release on:2017-04-11
1.The overall characteristic
*It meets ANSi/ISO standard that the magnetic head is reading.
*There is on card capacity limit and any bank ATM can pay by credit card to use.
*The metal outer cover of alloy of zinc is sturdy and duable, defend dismantling the screw to design fixedly, guard against theft and defend prizing .
*unique anti-jamming measures to fit a variety of environment installation.

2.Introducing sound and light direction

While energizing, the power indicator lamp is red and shiny At ordinary times,the open indicator lamp is extinguished.When credit card or press out switch inside the green light illuminated as well as the buzzer can give off tone.

3.The definition of input and output leads.

5.main technology parametric
Power supply                                              Dc12V
Electric lock permit maximum output current                   3A(12V) 
Static power consumption                                    22mA 
perating current                                           40mA (non-current electric lock) 
Unlock time                                               adjustable 1~10s
unlock and open the door automatically with the time difference    0.5s
Magnetic card standards                                      ISO7811-7815
Permit card speed                                            10~120cm/s
Head life expectancy                                          >=600000times
Working ambient temperature                                  -42~45
Working environment humidity                                 10~90%RH
Overall dimension                                         138mm(L)x56mm(W)x32mm(H)
Total weight                                                  400g