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How to choose an intelligent door lock that is really needed?

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-07-27
In smart home, how to choose an intelligent lock (Contactless card Hotel lock Supplier) that you really need in your heart? That's what you have to consider. You may tell me, "safe, nice, easy to use, good service, and durable, that's what I want."." This may be a common standard for every consumer.

"Intelligent encryption + mechanical anti-theft"". Intelligent encryption and decryption system will make the security more secure, so that safe operation is more simple, you can prevent hackers decoding (anti gentleman); mechanical anti-theft can drill, anti prizing, anti twist and other destructive open (anti villain).

Better mobile phone, smart lock (High security IC card company), and good, can not receive the signal, have become garbage. A good smart lock will be a key consideration in this area. Whether installed on doors, doors, door or other signals are not affected, whether in or out of the house, or in a corner, huitailong smart locks of the performance are very good. 

A good smart lock (Plastic IC card company china) will unlock the way he designed the love for every member of the family, the elderly and children can press the fingerprint to unlock, the child would not have keys hanging on his neck, but also can avoid the harm to the child keychain.