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Don't be afraid to leave your keys at the door Intelligent door lock core

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-07-26
Normally, criminals are through the door or window into the residents at home, so in terms of doors and windows should really increase protection. Speaking of intelligent door locks (wholesale hotel door lock system), you may think of how convenient it will be, such as remote unlock, virtual key sharing, no visitors waiting, automatic induction unlock, and so on...... 

Intelligent door locks (Contactless card Hotel lock Supplier ) provide convenience for life, and really attract users, but at the same time, security is really not assured. But this time the door locks are not remote unlock, induction unlock and so on, but more attention to the safety of users.

The absent-minded users may forget to take the key is often happens, especially to the house to the unit is still the key eloquence on the desk. But intelligent door locks (best price Magnetic lock manufacturer) can provide users with a new solution, that is, if the neighbor has such a key, you can use the phone APP authorization, and then open your own door lock and then delete. 

Or simply put the blank keys in the door, met with no key of the situation through their authorized embarrassed to enter the house, simple and safer.Still using the key in the lock mode, so the children also need not worry about the problem, open the door at night is also convenient, and small night lights illuminate the way home.