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Choose door locks according to locks, materials and handling

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-10-12
The lock materials in the market are divided into stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and iron. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages. Stainless steel has high strength, corrosion resistance and no color change. It is the best material for making locks, but the forging performance is not good. The styles and colors of stainless steel door locks are relatively single. Copper material superior mechanical performance, generally used for the production of high-grade European door locks, prices and grades are relatively high. Zinc alloy has a strong, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and other properties, and relatively easy to cast, you can design many styles and patterns, the current market hot locks are a lot of zinc alloy material.

However, due to the different ratio of zinc alloy and raw materials, and the design process, casting process is different, resulting in a great price difference. Aluminum alloy and iron application is less, aluminum alloy is mainly space aluminum, this kind of door lock design is generally more concise, no pattern design, iron locks are less and less, basically belong to low-end door lock. In general the relatively large number of brands such as huitailong and TINO hardware, lock the door more types of different materials and grades of all, mainly to see their budget and style, the choice of brands, brand and quality are guaranteed.

Surface treatment is generally divided into three kinds of electroplating, spraying and coloring. Locks form a dense protective film on the surface of the product by surface treatment, which plays a role of anti-corrosion and rust prevention, and makes locks more beautiful and durable. Dense protective film is also a standard to measure the quality of locks. The quality locks are treated by electroplating. The coating is exquisite, smooth, even and medium. The color is bright, without bubbles, rust and oxidation. Such as TINO hardware products are through the polishing process of 12 layer plating process and the 8, 48 hours or 200 hours of moderate salt fog test low salt spray test, ensure the product surface by using time and in the top spot and rust.