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Smart lock common classification introduction

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-06-09
  Smart lock is compared to the traditional mechanical lock, the more intelligent composite lock, it can in user identification, security, management, fast and so are more intelligent. I believe that in the near future, smart locks will gradually replace the mechanical lock, a door lock of choice. However, the current market sales of a wide range of smart locks, different types of smart locks have a different function. What are the types of smart locks? 
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Smart lock common classification, as follows 
1, remote control lock
  Remote control lock is a relatively new device, mainly by the electronic control lock, controller, remote control, backup power, mechanical parts and other components, with good fast function and anti-theft function, open fast and convenient, do not have to Insert the key, even if the remote control failure, just from the new set like, no need to change the lock.
2, the sensor lock:
  Sensing lock is a safety electronic door lock, mainly by the circuit board MCPU (single-chip) to control the door lock motor start and close, you can use a variety of cards to replace the key to open the card. After the battery is locked in the door, the card can be opened by the computer to open the door. Moreover, the card can control the card to open the door is valid, the scope of the door and permissions and so on.
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3, fingerprint lock:
  Fingerprint lock, is the human fingerprint to identify the carrier and means of intelligent locks, it can be said that all the locks in the most secure lock species, because the fingerprint is unique and can not be copied. Fingerprint lock mainly by the electronic identification and control, mechanical linkage system composed of two parts, is the computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology perfect crystal.
4, password lock:
  Is used to open a series of numbers or symbols used to unlock the lock. Password lock password is usually only arranged rather than the real combination, part of the password lock only use a turntable, the lock within a few discs or cams; some password lock is a set of a number of digital dial wheel Circle, directly drive the internal lock of the machine, the overall anti-theft performance is higher than the ordinary mechanical anti-theft door locks.
  The above describes the content, is the more common four types of smart locks. In the choice of smart locks, it is best to choose a combination of smart locks, for example, fingerprint lock, etc., this combination of smart locks, more secure.
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