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Smart door lock use precautions

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technolog
  • Release on:2017-06-23
  In the twenty-first century, intelligent door locks as a representative of the smart home products, has now gradually replaced the traditional mechanical locks and was used by many ordinary families. However, because the home smart door lock is an electronic consumer goods, therefore, for its operation and use of many aspects also need attention. Introduce the use of home smart door locks and high-quality suppliers recommended.
Home smart door lock Note: 
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  1, to reduce the direct contact with the water, any kind of electronic products, are the taboo, smart lock is no exception, there will be electronic products inside the electronic components or circuit board or something, these originals are to waterproof.
  2, to avoid non-professional demolition, because the home smart door lock is a high-tech electronic products, which is more complex structure, if the structure of the inside is not clear, it is best not to disassemble. If it is helpless, you can first look at the instructions, or you can consult the manufacturers, to find a dedicated after-sales staff to help you solve. 
  Choose PROYU, Finger print access control company, choose safety. 
  3, home smart door lock handle should be put into use after the lock and then removed. Moreover, in daily use, the switch door is the most used one part of the handle, the flexibility of a direct impact on the use of the door, so please do not hang the weight above the handle, or will affect the lock structure and then open the door Flexibility drops.
  4, the user after the purchase of home smart door locks, the general manufacturers will be equipped with a battery, the normal use of the battery, the general can be used for one year. After the battery life is exhausted, you need to replace the battery, change the battery to pay attention to the battery model to be unified, the best all a brand, and pay attention to the correct access to the battery. Built-in battery runs out, can not open the case of the lock, you can use an external power supply, the general smart lock will be equipped with an external power interface to prepare for contingencies.
  5, after a long time to go out, to avoid encounter due to the battery exhausted lead to the smart lock strike, ready to mechanical keys can not be ignored. Remember to open the home smart door locks, but also remember to replace the door lock battery, restore the normal function.
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