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What are the advantages of using the door lock?

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-06-26
  The reliability of the induction intelligent electronic door lock system is also very important. At present, we can improve the comprehensive reliability of the system from both hardware design and software design. In the hardware, the selected processor PIC16F73, has a high anti-jamming capability, including a separate RC oscillator with a "watchdog (WDT)" circuit, the program can automatically reset the CPU running, restore Normal operation; to store important data EEPROM using hardware write protection measures to avoid loss of data in the interference; try to use patch components, strict aging screening, to ensure the quality of components; PCB layout, take a series of measures to improve the anti- Interference capability. 
  PROYU, electric lock suppliers china, provide outstanding intelligent locks.
    Induction lock brand products have universal development trend, because the sensor lock products and other mechanical lock compared: high security, high portability, strong anti-theft. Moreover, the sensor lock has become a symbol of high quality of life. Now, the market as long as the high-end foreign brands and low-end domestic brands based. Relative to the consumer, the sensor lock is similar to the luxury, the sense of recognition of the lock is not high enough, generally in the stage to be educated. PROYU, RF ID card IC card company, your security life creator. 

  In the popularity of the market, most of the lock brand are focused on the project, like the traditional mechanical lock retail market as large as there is a huge space. This visit through the major building materials market, hardware market, hardware stores, etc., we can find mechanical locks also play a leading role, the sensor lock is only sporadic in some high-end building materials center. Popularization needs have not yet been stimulated, giving many investors the opportunity to enter the brand. The key to grasping the business opportunities is that the price of the lock is different from that of the mechanical lock: the induction lock is generally more expensive than the mechanical lock, and it is undoubtedly a barrier to the popularization of the induction lock. However, the popularity of induction lock trend is irreversible.
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