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How to use an intelligent lock?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-07 10:33:43
  With the advent of intelligent Home Furnishing, now families have begun to use smart locks. However, the smart lock to buy home, after installation, all need to set up to begin to use. Then, how should the smart lock be used? PROYU, Stainless steel Hotel lock Supplier, provide outstanding intelligent locks.
First, the administrator password settings
Operation procedure:
  1. Open the battery cover.
  2. Press the settings button once, sound drop sound.
  3. Press the start button (at number 3 behind a keyboard), password (3-8) according to the # key.
  4. Ringing sound, the operation is successful. 
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Second, commonly used unlock method
  1. Password unlock
  The password unlocking method of intelligent lock has the function of preventing leakage, and it can prevent any password leakage before inputting the correct password. Unlock password input set, according to the # key, a smart lock unlock success tone express unlock success.
  2. Induction card unlock
  The authorized card close to the sensor area, a door lock unlock success tone express unlock success. 
  3. Fingerprint unlock will have authorized fingerprints on the window, issued a successful opening of the tone, that unlock success.
  4. Remote control switch lock
  Press the unlock button, turn the handle down, unlock success; the door is in the closed state, press close Suojian, lifting handle, lock success.
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