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What is the home door lock that can be installed?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-07 11:27:49
  In this era of smart home, compared to the traditional mechanical lock, the home smart door lock this complex, significantly more popular with people. Then home smart door lock is what the door can be installed? PROYU, Stainless steel hotel keycard lock factory, provide outstanding intelligent locks.
  In fact, in principle, as long as the thickness of the door and the relevant parameters to meet the requirements, home smart door lock is what the door can be installed. 
Wooden doors
  Wooden doors, wooden doors. According to their different materials, the main can be divided into composite doors, solid wood doors, all three doors.
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Security door 
  Security door is the thickest, but also the most in line with the installation of intelligent door lock door. Anti-theft door with a durable, flexible opening, beautiful appearance, security and other characteristics, with anti-theft lock, in a certain period of time can resist certain conditions of non-normal open, with a certain degree of security performance and meet the appropriate security level of security door.
Composite doors
  A composite door is made of two or more main materials. General structure is the inner frame + door core + decorative panels, and the thickness of the composite doors are generally suitable for the installation of home smart door lock.
The door
  Home door refers to the first door into the house, most of the homes are completed when the door is installed. The main entrance door is pure steel door, stainless steel door, armored door.
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